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  • Geek Dad: Play the New Athletic Game of Jazzminton Sport

    Our bimonthly Escapees magazine is 88 pages packed with useful, entertaining, and specialized information on all aspects of RVing. You will find technical tips, RV maintenance information, safety education, advice from full-time RVers, unique boondocking, and off-the-beaten-path locations, products reviews, and much more. Special notices of club-related events, outings, and community celebrations are also included.…

  • Fox 35: Ever heard of Jazzminton? New beach sport to try in Florida

    A retired automotive engineer in Clearwater Beach is trying to bring back old-fashioned fun to coastlines all around Florida. He wants people at the beach to put down handheld technology and play real-life toys and games instead. Good Day Orlando’s David Martin takes you to the Gulf of Mexico to show you his latest invention…

  • ABC News: Jazzminton, a new game invented in Clearwater, now sold nationwide

    CLEARWATER, Fla. — This summer you may see a new game being played at beaches, parks and backyards throughout the Tampa Bay area. It’s called Jazzminton, “Let’s say you are in the winter up north, it’s freezing cold, you can take it indoors and have a good time,”