Jazzminton Leg Repair

NOTE: If you decide to do any of the below actions, you do them at your own risk.

Legs don’t slide in totally.

We had a batch, where some legs did not slide in well. It wasn’t the whole batch but we don’t know who got the ones with this issue. I sincerely apologize for that and will make it right.
The reason is because the paint job (powder coating was too thick on some legs), therefore the legs did not fit into the 4 way connectors.

The problem is easily fixed, here is how you do it. In the video you see three options.
A. with a Dremel
B. with a knife and
C. with a round wood file or better round wood rasp

The rasp is the best option as it offers the most control, with the Dremel you have to be very careful.

(FYI – this issue has been 100% resolved and any future sets will ship without the error.)

We are a small family company, and I, Steven Mueller the CEO want only quality products, very much so as a mechanical engineer.

This is the 4 way connector where a leg goes in:








Closer view you see the yellow marked area, that has to be reduced









Here a small video.

I hope this helps.

Again sorry for this error and thank you for your understanding.
Steven Mueller Founder and CEO of Funsparks.