Jazzminton Sport – How to Set Up the Outdoor Court
Net Tie Down
Use the two black ropes
and two of the six anchors
A. Tie down the net like this:
Set Court Lines
Use six red ropes rolled up on rope winder and the remaining four anchors
Note: All red ropes are the same length!
The following images are from birds eye view:
1. Attach two red ropes to the anchors (of step A) and
lay them on the ground like this:
2. Lay one rope like this on the ground, it will create a square:
3. Connect the ropes (of step 1 & 2) with two anchors and
push them into the ground:
4. On the other side of the net repeat steps 1, 2 and 3.
You will have a square on both sides.
5. It will look like this when finished: