VR Virtual Reality Manual and Apps

  You have bought one of our VR Glasses – thank for your purchase.

You find on this page:

  • VR1 DIY Glasses how to assemble
  • VR2 Glasses
  • How to: Watch Videos on YouTube
  • Video Ideas
  • How to: find Apps
  • Apps ideas
  • Safety

VR2 Glasses with Button to interact with apps

Many VR Glasses don’t have a button eventhough they are expensive, and therefor you can interact with apps. Our glasses are inexpensive, but hold up very well for long time and can interact for a long time. We have choose on purpose not to inclued a head band as it is important to take brakes frequantly and with out a head band you are forced to take breaks.

How to: Watch Videos on YouTube

  1. Start your YouTube app.
  2. Type in VR 360 World
  3. Choose one video and start playing it in full screen mode
  4. Move the phone around and the video changed in which direction you look.
  5. For the glasses you have to split the screen. On buttom right you see this icon, click on it
  6. Now the screen should split it to like this
  7. If you get this screen, then install it.
  8. Now once the screen is split you can watch the the video.
  9. There are millions of videos and every day there are more.

(if the button is not available update YouTube or your phone is too old.)
If you get a red and white pop up stating :”Experience YouTube in VR”
click on “Continue” this shows the first time.

Video Ideas

Educational Videos

360° – Zen-Out at Yellowstone National Park | Wild Yellowstone
Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart360 VR Video | The New York Times
Playful Elephants Swim| Discovery VR (360 video)
Most Beautiful Sceneries of the World – part 1 (360° VR)


Climbing 1 World Trade Center: Man on Spire| 360 VR Video | The New York Times

There are millions of videos, just search for what you are interested.

How to find Apps

iPhone: open your App Store

Android: open you Play Store

Type in VR and then the subject. i.e. VR Roller Coaster

Apps Ideas

Please note every day new apps are uploaded to the Stores and we are just giving you some ideas.

VR X-Racer
VR Crossy
Final Kick VR
Wild Jungle
Space World
Solar System
Deep Dive
InMind VR
VR Roller Coaster
VR Planet
Fractal Combat X

Make your own VR video with this app
and load it up to Youtube

Cardboard Camera

VR1 DIY Glasses

How to assemble them:


Please go to this link and read about safety – click here.