Chicago prepares for excessive heat: ‘Take it seriously’

A heat advisory that was issued Wednesday for most counties south of I-80 is expected to expand north Thursday, including most of the Chicago metro area, said the National Weather Service's Scott Baker.

From Wordle to sweets, holiday gift ideas for the grown-ups

Move over pickleball, Jazzminton Sport is on your tail. It’s an indoor-outdoor game played with paddles and birdies and a unique net with a horizontal cut out. There are no boundaries. No court is required. Set up is simple. Two people play. Just bat the birdie back and forth through the hole until the winner reaches an agreed-upon point number. $199.99.If one net isn’t enough, go for four with Crossnet. It’s a four-square-meets-volleyball game for indoors, outdoors, on sand or concrete, in water or on grass. Play is, uh, complicated. In a nutshell: Four people are up or break into teams of two. Play goes around one hit per return across four nets until the ball hits the ground or goes out of bounds. People are rotated in and out. The net height is adjustable. $149.99 at —- For more AP gift guides, go to


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